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At Guidry Insurance Agency, we want you to have the most affordable comprehensive insurance plan available on the market designed specifically to meet your needs and budget. Our extensive background in insurance, our ability to help those who are self-employed, small businesses, individuals, and/or families, and our accessibility to multiple carriers and insurance products, enable us to help you find the perfect insurance plan.

health insurance in Spring Texas

Elaine Guidry

Insurance Advisor and Benefits Specialist

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We Have Plans that Offer

Nationwide Coverage

Allows you to go to any doctor, hospital, and facility in the US, anytime, anywhere.

No Copay or Coinsurance

We have plans that offer zero copays and coinsurance, giving you First Dollar Coverage.

Expansive PPO Network

With over 1.2 million healthcare providers & facilities, we make it easy to find an in-network provider.

No Deductibles to Satisfy

Pay zero deductible unless confined to a hospital.

Why We Do What We Do

We want to provide you with the most affordable and comprehensive insurance plan that will best meet your needs, budget and lifestyle. That is why the Guidry Insurance Agency is here to serve you. Serving over 28 states nationwide, we offer multiple insurance plans and insurance carrier options, giving you the most customized and comprehensive plans in the market.

Our insurance plans work to help those that are left “in-between”. We help those who are self-employed, small businesses, individuals, families and groups alike! Whether you are a truck driver, a young adult who has aged off their parents insurance plan, a freelancer, a small gym or dance studio owner, or anything in between, we can help you with your insurance plan!

At Guidry Insurance Agency, we want to ensure you are protected medically and financially. That is why our customized insurance plans cover you to avoid life changing financial devastation caused by the unexpected accidents, critical illness, sickness and disease, cancer, hospitalization, and more. We bring you affordable insurance plans designed specifically to meet your needs and budget.

Meet the Founder

health insurance in Spring Texas

Elaine Guidry, Owner

Elaine Guidry, a licensed insurance agent, insurance advisor, benefits specialist, and is the founder and owner of Guidry Insurance Agency. She specializes in working with small businesses, self-employed, individuals, and families by offering them multiple lines of insurance through multiple carriers. Her main goal is to protect you medically and financially.

Elaine is a native Texan and proud mother of three grown children, grandmommy to four amazing grandchildren, and owner of one beautiful English Bulldog, Bella. She enjoys cooking, spending time with friends and family, aquaponic gardening, and taking care of those looking for the best insurance plans out there.

Let Elaine and Guidry Insurance Agency help you to find the best insurance plan for your unique needs, lifestyle and budget. Serving over 27 states, we know we can help you! To learn more about Elaine and what she can offer you, request your free quote today, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Your #1 Insurance Advisor

Available in 28 States

With Guidry Insurance Agency, we provide you with nationwide coverage, zero copays, first dollar coverage, and benefit rich insurance plans in Texas, and 28 US states. Offering health, life, dental, vision, supplemental, and more, we guarantee you will have a customized insurance plan that fits your needs. 

To learn more about what you qualify for within your state, contact Guidry Insurance Agency for your free quote and analysis.

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