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Be proactive with your health, life, dental, and vision needs! Even bundle for the unexpected. At Guidry Insurance Agency, we provide multiple carrier and insurance products in Texas and other US states that protect you medically and financially. Scroll to learn more on how you can protect your life, health, and wealth!

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Health Insurance

Having health insurance gives you peace of mind and the advantage of not having to file for bankruptcy due to unexpected medical debt. Our insurance products pay for medical, surgical, prescription drugs, and more at a price you can afford.

Dental & Vision Insurance

No more struggling for the right dentist and optometrists; we offer a variety of choices that cover preventative care, x-rays, dental cleanings, and more! Inquire now about our customized plans for all your oral and visual insurance needs.

Life Insurance

We want to provide you with the best insurance policy in the market that will protect you and your family's future. With multiple life insurance choices, we have the perfect one for you that travels anywhere you go.


Over 23M people in the US have medical debt, which could have been avoided with supplemental insurance. Looking for extra coverage? You'll be glad you had it. Our supplemental insurance plans have you covered for all unexpected health costs.

Small businesses, self-employed, individuals, and families alike; we have insurance plans for you.

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Health Insurance Plans/Policies

Keep more of your money where it counts, in your wallet, and get covered with affordable comprehensive health insurance products in Texas and other US states. Our plans and policies cover both individuals, families and groups with doctor visits, surgical, hospital stays and more offering nationwide PPO, private, short-term, telemedicine and marketplace (ACA) plans.

Types of health insurance plans include hybrid plans that are customizable to you, are affordable alternative insurance plans, temporary insurance solutions, and many value added options included for free. Regardless, our options are meant to be affordable, unique to your needs, and readily available to you. Get your free quote today!

Life Insurance Plans

Planning ahead and being prepared will secure you and your loved ones future. Live your best life now and know that Guidry Insurance has you covered. With our life insurance plans, we offer Term, Whole Life, and Final Expense. Whether you are a hardworking US citizen or retired, homeowner, parent or a grandparent you will benefit with the right life insurance coverage.

No matter what age or stage in life you are at, life insurance is meant to protect you and the ones you love. The future cannot be predicted, but with life insurance you can rest easy and have peace of mind knowing that the future of those you love is protected, and your living expenses, debts, and final expense costs are covered. Get a quote for life insurance today.

Dental & Vision Insurance

You no longer need to hold off on vision and dental exams! Your vision and oral health is so important, that by going to regular visits you can avoid serious issues like gum disease and astigmatism. Our insurance products in Texas have you covered with your dental and vision insurance needs wherever you go in the United States.

Choose your own providers with our dental and vision insurance plans from our extensive provider network with more than 500,000 providers nationwide. Bundle dental and vision with an existing plan, or purchase separately. Learn more with us today!

Supplemental Insurance Plans

If a disaster strikes, be prepared and calm because you have supplemental insurance! Customized supplemental insurance plans cover individuals, families and groups for critical illness, specified diseases, accident expense, GAP insurance, expenses and things not covered by medical insurance, and more! Get covered now!

What makes supplemental insurance so great? It allows you that extra protection coverage you need for your day to day living expenses.. Supplemental insurance allows you to create a plan that is unique to you, your family and/or your business. Learn your insurance options today.

Financial Services Offered


We’re dedicated to a future where Guidry Insurance Agency upholds a promise to help our clients retire with financial dignity, and realise their dreams.  We provide a protected way to accumulate wealth, and a guaranteed way to receive an income in retirement.

Convert Your Debt To Wealth

Be one of the thousands who save on interest and pay down debt faster than ever! We guide you through the four money saving principles: strategic payoff, interest accumulation, interest float, and interest cancellation. Convert your debt to wealth now with Guidry Insurance Agency!

The Money Max Account

The Money Max Account acts as your financial GPS, taking everything you owe and everything you earn into consideration and giving you the fastest route to paying off your debt and creating wealth for you and your family. Let Elaine at Guidry Insurance Agency teach you how to pay off your debt without changing your current budget!

Get Paid With Debt Elimination

Share our Award Winning Debt Elimination program with people that would like to eliminate all of their debt, including their mortgage, in as little as 5 – 7 years, without changing their budget. Each time someone you have talked to decides they want to save significant time and interest with our Award Winning Debt Elimination program, you get paid between $500 to $1,500! Talk to Elaine Guidry to learn more.

Insurers We Partner With

Insurance Providers

Don’t see the insurance provider you want to work with? Contact us today to learn more about our full extensive list of providers.

  • Americo Financial Life and Annuity Ins
  • Columbian Life
  • Great Western Ins Co
  • American General Life Ins Co
  • Nassau Life Ins Co
  • Royal Neighbors Of America
  • United of Omaha
  • Foresters
  • Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company
  • Americo Financial Life And Annuity Ins Co
  • American Amicable Life Ins Co Of Texas
  • Lincoln Financial and Lincoln National Life
  • SureBridge Insurance
  • Assurity Life Ins Co
  • Transamerica Life Insurance Co
  • National General Insurance Company
  • Gerber Life
Protecting you medically and financially

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Guidry Insurance Agency can help you with all your health and life insurance needs. What are you waiting for? Get affordable protection today that covers you medically and financially for tomorrow and years to come!

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